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Street Brawler Turbo Kit Precision 30/35

KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Turbo Kits & Accessories

KO Racing turbo kit for the MR2 and Celica Alltrac/GTFour 3SGTE engines. These particular Precision Turbos are direct replacements to the Garrett GT Series turbos, but with enhanced aerodynamics, and ceramic ball bearings giving these turbos unparalleled performance. Think of these turbos as Precision Turbo engineered compressor wheels on a similar performing turbine as the popular offerings from Garrett. After several years of running these turbos we can attest to the reliability and performance of these turbos. Innovative design and in-house manufacturing by Precision Turbo on their CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) line of compressor wheels from a solid aluminum billet has achieved an unprecedented level of performance from like sized turbos. Typical compressor wheel construction is done with a cast wheel. The advantage of meticulously machining the compressor wheel on a 5 axis CNC machine from a solid aluminum billet is that it allows for quick production of a new idea or innovation without the expensive casting molds and yields a stronger an lighter wheel. Being lighter, and with improved aerodynamic efficiency, the CEA compressor wheels spool faster and make more power than similar sized comparable turbochargers. From a price performance point of view, these are comparable with their contemporary competition, but performance typically will exceed the competition.

Included with the kit:

  • Precision Turbo 51mm 5130 Billet (very fast spool), 55mm 5530 Billet, 58mm 5830 Billet, or 62mm 6235 Billet (TO4E compressors with 3" inlet -- 2" outlet, T3 Turbine housings)
  • Full 3" downpipe with V band clamp and integrated 1.75 wastegate dump tube (with its own flex section) and wideband O2 Port and Plug
  • Downpipe support bracket
  • External wastegate:
  • CNC machined steel manifold adapter, with integrated external wastegate port/mount.
  • -4AN oil feed line
  • -12AN oil return line
  • Oil line adapter fittings for the block and oil pan
  • Heat shielding (for clutch slave lines)
  • Assorted hoses for connecting the wastegate to a manifold pressure source
  • Assorted hardware (nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, zip ties, etc.)
Dyno testing by Precision turbo's many customers has shown consistently the billet or Cometition Engineered Aerodynamics ("CEA") turbos giving more power and quicker spool. The Billet 6235 in particular will eclipse the power of the GT35R without a sacrifice in spool time. In other applications, this turbo has yielded near to 700whp in an all wheel drive application. GT40 power, GT35 spool! The 5130 we are seeing some of the fastest spool times ever in a turbo capable of 400+whp (19psi at 3100rpm in 5th gear on the highway -- just stab the throttle and go, no downshifting)! The 5130 is a larger turbo that is capable of GT28 like spool.

The adapter and down pipe are coated with the same 2000F ceramic thermal barrier coating that is on our CT26/CT20b down pipes.

*Note: These turbos are ball bearing with ceramic ball bearings and water cooling as standard options.

*Note: This is not an emissions legal part.

*Note: If ordering the Gen 1, it is necessary to purchase a 2nd gen exhaust manifold for use with this kit.

*Note: Use of heat wrap on this or any ceramic coated part will void any warranty. Heat wrap causes an over-insulation on the outside of the pipe trapping too much heat in the metal itself making it brittle. Heat wrap also tends to trap moisture against the parts which can also lead to uneven heat distribution in the piece and lead to cracking. DO NOT USE HEAT WRAP WITH THIS PRODUCT.

See the installation instructions on the Technical Articles page.

*Note: Please check with KO Racing for current lead time.

$2600.00 per Kit
Engine :
Turbine Housing:
Select Compressor finish::
Turbine Finish:
Wastegate Dump:
Hose Color:

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