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Some feedback and comments that we've received from our customers:

***Note: These posts have had the spelling and grammar edited to make them easier to read.

Street Brawler T3/T4:
"Guys & Gals, Hear me now If you want Unprecedented, Flawless, Quick smooth power, then the T3/T4 Street Brawler Kit is the way to go. After doing some in depth research, Ive come to the conclusion there is NO Turbo Kit out there that can touch this one around the same price point. The Turbo Kit is AWESOME and the scary part is, it simply bolts on. Yes, yall its that easy!! Another bonus to this Turbo Kit is it utilizes great hardware and all the good stuff like Stainless Steel Lines to boot which makes it really attractive. Oh, and did I mention that its versatile? You want more power from it?? No problemo!! You WONT have to purchase a whole different turbo kit. It can evolve!! KO Racing nailed the market with this turbo system. GO KO RACING!!
Stephen Brigham
1993 MR2 Turbo
KO Racing:
"I never thought I would get so much help and support, let alone power out of my Celica. The products KO Racing offers to our community are second to none. Top notch customer service too."
David de Regt
90 Celica All-Trac (ST185)
Kris: KO Racing:
"The experience I had with KO racing is an icon to how business should be done in this community!"
Jeff Condon
aka CrimsonMKII
The 2.5" exhaust and down pipe package:
" my exhaust from you guys not to long it all put it on. (yes i had it put on, to many steps to do myself without breaking something, especially since i also got the downpipe). Anyways, it's working great, added performance is awesome, sound is awesome and the look is real clean and unsuspecting. I am overall very pleased....although since i got it on i proceeded to break my much extra power:) Just thought I would let you guys know you are doing awesome work and I hope to see a lot more from you in the future."
Joe Canarecci
The 2.5" exhaust and down pipe package:
"Wow, all I can say is Wow! I finished the install this weekend and all went pretty well (has everything to do with the excellent instructions KO Racing provides). The sound and aesthetics are of course exceptional, but the performance blew me away. The boost gauge function on my little turbo timer (Blitz DTT DC) said I hit 15.2 PSI at 5000 RPM in 4th gear - don't know for sure about the accuracy, but it sure felt like it! The gain has to be dramatic though, as my max boost before would have been less than 11.9 PSI or stock fuel cut would have kicked in. I'll send along a pic when I get a good photo op... Thanks again!"
Jim Counts
The 3" TKO dual exhaust:
"I just got done installing the exhaust. What can i say? it's a work of art!! Looks too good to be put underneath the car. Great build quality. The sound it produces is nice but not annoying. It's a little louder than stock. I'd say close to a Toyota Supra or RX-7 kind of rumble. Not honda- ish. When driving down the road the exhaust note is not annoying and not that loud. It makes me turn down my radio so i can listen to the car. The guys at were a great help and answered all my questions. I'll definitely do more business with them in the future. I give this exhaust an A+ in my opinion."
The 46 trim Street Brawler turbo kit:
"If you're only shooting for 300RWHP, your best bet would be the Street Brawler kit. It has one of the most impressive power curves I've seen for running a car on the street in a daily driving situation."
The Greddy TD06SH turbo kit vs. the Street Brawler 46 trim turbo kit:

"I've had both the GReddy TD06SH-20G and the .63/46trim Street Brawler.

One qualification... I currently have the SB kit and I haven't run it on the car as it's still being built (stroker, 264 cams, etc)

The 20G kit:

  • I'm an old school DSMer, love the 20G on those cars, loved it on my MR2.
  • 15psi hit around 3600-3800 in 3-5th, I had 3" exhaust, 4k in 2nd
  • CREEP.. 15psi meant 17psi by redline
  • I could never get the crappy oil line to NOT leak.
  • Even with loctite, the damn downpipe bolts would not stay on the turbine outlet, I had to retorque them at every gas fillup or so.
  • Besides the above, I LOVED this turbo. It may come on late, but when it does, it's like hitting the 100hp nitrous button everytime. Pulls strong and hard like an airplane all the way to redline and beyond. I never had problems with spool because I'm a believer in downshifting and brake spooling for rolling street encounters.

The Street Brawler kit:

  • ABSOLUTELY F'ING BEAUTIFUL. By far the "prettiest" kit I've EVER seen. Polished compressor housing, gleaming SS braided lines, beautiful wastegate, etc.
  • The parts are visibly better quality.
  • REROUTED WASTEGATE. A lot of companies are offering to weld on an external wastegate to fix the 20G. This fixes creep but then you have the noise. Unrouted external wastegates are LOUD AS HELL. I had one on my Talon and I constantly got followed by cops after boosting, and got pulled over twice. The SB kit has a beautiful reroute pipe to put the WG gasses back into the exhaust (it even has a flex section). -NO MANIFOLD WELDING. Exhaust manifolds are prone to cracking.. I don't want mine drilled out and welded to. The SB kit has an adapter that bolts TO the manifold to fit the WG. EXCELLENT quality.

My goal is ~338whp (400 crank), at 20psi or LESS. I'm keeping my .63/46trim SB kit and I have 2.2L with 264 cams. I think this is a much better solution for a daily driver than the TD06, especially if you have a 2.0. The TD06 spools 500rpm later, and to actually use the top end power of that turbo, one would install at least some 264 cams, and that shifts the power band over another 500rpm. Spool would definitely be an issue. Peak power would be awesome though.. if that's what you're into.

OEM Toyota Parts:
" Simple facts about this company:
  • - Very Friendly and returns phone calls in timely manner
  • - Very Supportive on shops and personnel they recommend me to and I live on the east coast!
  • - Very fast shipping! (depends on where you live of course)
  • - Overall a really TRUSTFUL and Excellent company for all your aftermarket and OEM parts!
I highly Recommend them for business,"

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