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Pressure Sensor Honeywell Stainless Steel
KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Electronics & Tuning

Honeywell Industrial Stainless Steel body pressure tranducers or sensors can provide valuable information to your vehicle's engine management system about the state of various fluids on the motor and chassis. Available in a wide range of pressures and available as a guage sensor or absolute sensor.

Gauge Sensors are sensors that show pressures above atmospheric pressure -- when exposed to the atmosphere they will report a reading of zero pressure. Gauge sensors are designated by a 'g' or the word 'gauge' at the end of the rated pressure reading range.

Absolute Sensors are sensors that show the pressure based on an absolute scale starting with zero being a perfect vacuum. These sensor exposed to the atmosphere will show approximately 1 bar (1.013 at sea level), or lower at higher elevations. Abosolute sensors are designated by an 'a' or the word 'absolute' at the end of the rated pressure reading range.

  • Stainless-steel sensors accurate to within 1% of full scale (pressure sensors)
  • High-quality sealed sensor housings are virtually impervious to automotive fluids (360-degree welded wetted area)
  • Connector and pins included

    Typical uses: Oil pressure, fuel pressore, map sensor, brake pressure sensor, clutch pressure sensor, cooling system pressure, etc.

    $140.00 each
    Select Sensor:

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