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KO Racing Downpipe Support Bracket
KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Exhaust

This bracket will help eliminate failure of downpipes due to cracking. By eliminating the motion of the end of the downpipe, the stress is transfered to the engine block rather than the welds of the downpipe. The bracket is laser cut from 1/8" thick (0.125")steel and is then bent and plated. KO Racing is the original inventor of this product, ALL OTHERS ARE COPIES. What does this mean to you? It means that when you buy a KO Racing part, you are supporting the innovators, not the imitators. Also, as we develop our designs and improve them, you get the latest benefit of our experience, not copies of our previous design.

*Note: There is no need to order this part if you purchase a KO Racing downpipe or turbo kit, it is included with your purchase.,

*This is designed to work with the KO Racing,Inc downpipe only. No guarantee's it will work with other downpipes.

See the installation instructions on the Technical Articles page.

$30.00 each

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