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KO Racing Downpipe CT26/20b 2.5" 3SGTE
KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Exhaust
Dyno Test at 18psi vs. Stock Cat
Dyno Test at 18psi vs. Gutted Cat

The KO Racing downpipe provides excellent performance combined with great fitment and ease of installation. We make 2 versions of this downpipe for the Toyota CT26, or CT20b mounted to the 2nd or 3rd Gen 3SGTE. The downpipe features 3/8" laser-cut flanges for good sealing, 2.5" diameter (63.5mm) mandrel bent 16 gage mild steel aluminzed piping (As of 4/1/2020 new downpipes will be made of 16ga 409 stainless steel), MIG welded construction, wastegate exhaust vent that allows full actuation of the wastegate, 2000 degree ceramic thermal barrier coating for corrosion resistance and thermal insulation from Finishline Coatings.

Don't be fooled by others' claims that their product is superior to this 100% USA made part. We conducted all of our dyno testing at the same boost level for this part and others have not.

The KO Racing downpipe allows the use of the factory oxygen sensor and an extra O2 sensor port for putting a wide band O2 sensor into your exhaust for dyno tuning your fuel curve. The bung is for standard screw in type O2 sensors (M18x1.5), not the bolt on toyota type, and includes a plug. The downpipe is provided with new stainless hardware for the 3 bolt flange at the b-pipe connection, and new stainless studs for the (toyota) oxygen sensor port. The use of 2.5" pipe and large radius bends provide greatly improved flow. This results in a quicker spoolup on your turbocharger and more power throughout the RPM range.

This product includes a support bracket to eliminate concerns with cracking and comes with a 1 year warranty against defects. KO Racing designed the original downpipe support bracket that all other manufacturers have copied.

KO Racing recommends the use of high quality gasket for the 3 bolt flange connection (like Remflex -- you will need the 3" gasket).

*Note: this is not an emissions legal part. Use of the stock b-pipe may cause fitment issues between the exit of the downpipe, and the b-pipe flange.

*Note: Use of heat wrap on this or any ceramic coated part will void any warranty. Heat wrap causes an over-insulation on the outside of the pipe trapping too much heat in the metal itself making it brittle. Heat wrap also tends to trap moisture against the parts which can also lead to uneven heat distribution in the piece and lead to cracking. DO NOT USE HEAT WRAP WITH THIS PRODUCT.

See the installation instructions on the Technical Articles page.

*NOTE: Made to order: 2 to 4 weeks. May have them in stock, call to check if you are in a hurry for your order.

    Year and model for engine Generation for this product:
  • USDM 1991-1995 MR2 Turbo -- Gen 2 3SGTE
  • JDM/Europe 1990-1993 MR2 Turbo -- Gen 2 3SGTE
  • JDM/Europe 1994-1999 MR2 Turbo -- Gen 3 3SGTE
  • USDM/JDM/Europe 1990-1993 Celica Alltrac/GT4 turbo (ST185)-- Gen 2 3SGTE
  • JDM/Europe 1994-1999 Celica GT4 (ST205) -- Gen 3 3SGTE

$300.00 each
Engine Generation:

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