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Link G4X ECU Plug-in for Nissan GTR
KORacing Products » *LINK ECU* » ECUs

GTR Link (blue connector, 76 pins) for:

RB26DETT engines found in R32, R33, R34 Skyline GTRs and Autech 260RS Stageas

RB20DE engines found in R32 & R33 Skylines, A31 Cefiros

RB20DET engines found in R32 Skylines (incl 4wd), A31 Cefiros and C33 Laurels. Injector 4&6 need swapping

RB25DE engines found in R32 & R33 Skylines, C33 & C34 Laurels and A31 Cefiros.

RB25DET engines found in R33 Skylines (incl 4wd) and C34 Laurels

RB30DE/DET/DETT engines made using Non Neo heads and blue plug looms

I/O Expansion Options:
The following expansion connector inputs/outputs are provided:

    Expansion connector 1
  • Gnd Sensor Ground Only
  • +5V Out Low Current +5V Supply
  • DI5 Digital Input
  • DI6 Digital Input
  • An Volt 8 Analog 0-5V input
  • An Volt 2 Analog 0-5V input
  • An Temp 3 Temperature sensor input
  • An Temp 4 Temperature sensor input
    Expansion connector 2
  • Gnd Sensor Ground Only
  • +5V Out Low Current +5V Supply
  • Ign 7 Ignition 7 Auxiliary Output
  • Ign 8 Ignition 8 Auxiliary Output
  • DI 9 Digital Input
  • DI 10 Digital Input
  • An Volt 10 Analog 0-5V input
  • Aux 11 Auxiliary Output 11

$1845.00 each

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