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KORacing Products » All Makes/Misc. Parts » Turbos by Precision

Are you trying to put together a cost effective turbocharger system for your vehicle? Well, we've got just what you're looking for! Precision Turbo and Engine's line of Entry Level Turbochargers provide the perfect solution by delivering a high-quality turbo at a budget-friendly price.

This Entry Level unit features the following:

  • MFS (Machined From Solid) 58mm inducer compressor wheel
  • "E" compressor cover 3.0" inlet/2.0" outlet
  • 57mm exducer T31, 76 trim turbine wheel
  • Turbine housing options:
    - T3 .48 or .63 A/R with 4 bolt discharge
    - T3 .48 or .63 A/R with 5 bolt discharge (with or without wastegate hole)
  • 360 journal bearing system PTE's Entry Level turbochargers help you get the high-end performance you crave in a smaller package at an affordable price.

    NOTE: We can make a 3" inside diameter V-band exit on the 4 bolt turbine housings if you want via an additional service here at KO Racing.

    $875.00 each
    Select Turbine Housing:
    Add a T3 Inlet Gasket?:

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