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KORacing Products » Toyota MR2 MK2 » Engine Builds

Due to changes in shop activities, we are not taking on new engine builds at this point in time. We will update this when that situation changes.

The next level in 3SGTE engine building. Just like the KO Racing Super Stock engine, the KO Racing Black Works engine uses all premium rebuild products, forged pistons, new bronze freeze plugs, etc., but takes the head work a bit farther with proprietary modifications to the chamber, and ports to create a high flow, power making engine. Black Top spec. engines have made in excess of 400whp on pump gas with other supporting modifications. All of these spec engines use 3SGTE short blocks regardless of stroker crank, or stock crankshaft, unless you select the 5SFE block option.

At KO Racing, we've been building 3SGTE engines for well over 15 years, and are only now offering this service publicly in 2011 because we are now comfortable we can produce a reliable, well built engine package for the MR2 and Celica turbo enthusiast. Complete from the valve cover to the oil pan (with your good cores provided), bolt on your accessories, intake and exhaust manifolds, turbo, transmission and let 'er rip!

    Due to changes in part pricing we have restructured how these engines are spec'ed and ordered. The cost here includes the following: Includes:
  • Your selected block, crank, and head option
  • Shimless buckets for valve lash adjustment
  • ACL race bearings
  • Moderate port smoothing, and modification for improved flow
  • Smoothed and modified combustion chambers
  • 400 grit lapped head and block surfaces (trues surfaces with extremely fine finish for metal head gasket)
  • Torque plate bored and honed block
  • Total Seal custom high tension piston rings
  • Cometic head gasket
  • Micro-polished crankshaft
  • Balanced rotating assembly
  • New valve stem seals
  • Multi-angle valve grind
  • New Toyota high volume oil pump modified for higher pressure and relief blowout protection
  • New Toyota water pump
  • New Toyota timing belt and tensioner
  • ARP head studs
  • ARP Main studs
  • Socket head valve cover bolt kit
  • New Toyota engine overhaul gasket set
  • Brass/Bronze Freeze plugs
Parts you will need to also add to the cart to get a complete build list (add to cart from 3SGTE Engine Components section):
    Parts to Select:
  • Pistons (CP Recommended)
  • Rods (Manley, Eagle, Pauter, BC, etc.)
  • Valve springs (GSC, BC, HKS, etc.)
  • Camshafts (Kelford, GSC, etc.)
  • Cam Gears (Fidanza, HKS, etc.)
Refer to the Matrix below for recommended parts combinations:
HP TargetBlockCrankPistonsRodsValvesValve SpringsCamshaftsHead StudsMain Studs
300-400WHPGen2/3/4 3SGTE Block3SGTE CrankCP 86.5mm PistonsH-Beam Manley/Eagle/Brian CrowerSupertech 1mm OversizedBC Valve SpringsStock to 270 durationARP Std.ARP Std.
400-500WHP5SFE or 3SGTE Block5SFE or 3SGTE CrankCP 87.5 or 86.5mm PistonsH-Beam Manley/Eagle/Brian CrowerSupertech 1mm OversizedBC Valve Springs262-272 durationARP Std.ARP Std.
500-650WHP5SFE Block5SFE or 3SGTE CrankCP 87.5 PistonsBC H-Beam with 625+ Rod bolt upgrade or Carillo or PauterFerrea Comp+ 1mm OversizedGSC Valve Springs272-280 durationARP Custom Age 625+ARP Std.
650-800WHP5SFE Block with 1/2 fill5SFE or 3SGTE Crank or BC BilletCP 87.5 Pistons with upgraded wrist pinsCarillo or PauterFerrea Comp+ 1mm OversizedGSC Conical Valve Springs280-287 durationARP Custom Age 625+11mm ARP

NOTE: A core engine is required for this rebuild service for nuts/bolts/misc. other pieces that go on the motor. Additional charges may be incurred if we have to source fasteners.

NOTE: it is assumed that the core engine did not have a rod bearing or similar type failure. If it is a rod bearing failure motor as the core, additional charges will need to be paid for a new oil pan, oil cooler, and pickup tube. These parts can sometimes be obtained in good used condition, but if not, all of these parts have been discontinued from Toyota which means extensive reworking of used parts to make them workable. Reusing an oil cooler from an engine that is known to have had a rod bearing failure, or oil pan (gen2 with welded in baffle) from the same will result in nearly immediate demise of a freshly rebuilt motor. We check all oil coolers prior to installing for metal debris inside.

NOTE: Motor is provided with a warranty against defects in workmanship. No mileage or time based warranty offered unless installed by KO Racing, and the engine is broken in by KO Racing, and even then is limited. Component level warranty are from the manufacturer only. KO Racing cannot be held liable for any incidental damage or additional cost incurred due to a part, or engine failure.

NOTE: Core Exchange is typically required, though we have a few cores we can provide on an exchange basis to limit downtime. Please check with us if you need us to provide a core to find out what we may have available.

$10000.00 each
Select Crankshaft:
Select Block:
Select Head:
Port work:
Main Studs:
Head Studs:
Cam Gears:
Timing Belt:

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