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Used Hydra Nemesis 2.7 PnP for 3SGTE
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Hydra EMS with all options
Jumper Config for PnP

Hydra Nemesis 2.7 PnP EMS for the 3SGTE (USED AS-IS No Warranty)

Hydra 2.7r36 Tuning Software Download Here

Now flex fuel sensor support is standard on all levels

The Hydra product line is powered by dual 16-bit 25MHz Motorola CAN enabled processors which provide fast and accurate control of your engine. The Hydra Nemesis 2.7 plug and play engine management system comes with everything you need to install and run the Nemesis stand alone engine management system on an MR2 Turbo or Celica Alltrac** or Celica GT4**. The system has the following features:

  • Easy installation on an MR2 Turbo or Celica All-trac/GT4**
  • Eliminates the stock air flow meter (AFM) and cold start injector
  • User configurable 32x32 fuel and timing maps with selectable RPM and load points
  • One selectable 32x32 fuel (utilizing a percentage basis offset) and ignition offset map for an alternate fuel tune -- these maps are used for Race fuel tunes or the flex fuel second map when choosing that option.
  • Directly supports the NGK L1H1 and L2H2 5-wire wideband oxygen sensor (additional cable required), or can be configured to run with an external wideband 0-5V signal (for an additional charge, or this options standard on the epsilon spec)
  • Uses stock engine sensors including the distributor for cam and crankshaft position signals
  • Can be configured to work with auxiliary sensors for crankshaft and camshaft position optionally, individual coils, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel temperature, barometric pressure, etc. (requires additional hardware) when selecting the Epsilon spec
  • Flex fuel sensor support now standard on all levels
  • Built-in launch control (2-step) and flat shift for drag racing applications (additional cable required)
  • Controls the stock ignition or MSD 6 ignition setups for use with distributor, or sequential coil on plug configuration withe either smart coils, or a multi-channel igniter (additional hardware required)
  • Runs full sequential injection up to 8 injectors
  • Supports full sequential ignitions -- i.e. coil per cylinder (additional external multi-channel igniter adapter required)
  • Operates all accessories including AC, power steering, cruise control and ABS
  • Controls the TVIS, EGR, fuel pump low/high voltage and engine check light
  • Uses the stock idle speed valve to provide a stable idle under different loads
  • Internal 4-bar MAP sensor supports resolution for tuning up to 45 psi boost (external map sensor capability with epsilon spec)
  • Rev limit to 13,000 RPMs with adjustable soft (random miss) and hard (complete cut) rev limiters
  • RPM adjustable knock detection threshold for detonation protection
  • Adjustable fuel cut for overboost protection (second fuel cut for race fuel/flex fuel setting)
  • Easily configurable to work with Gen1 (88-89), Gen2 early (90-92), Gen2 late (93-95), and Gen3 engines (94+ outside North America), or Gen 4 applications
  • Uses stock narrowband oxygen sensor to maintain proper fuel mixture while idling and cruising (this function can be done with the wideband if eliminating the stock oxygen sensor is desired)
  • Individual cylinder fuel and timing advance trims
  • Quick connect 2-piece laptop cable can be easily routed to passenger cabin (MR2 application), or one piece serial cable for Celica and other applications
  • Windows-based tuning software (requires a laptop with a DB9 serial interface or PCMCIA to serial adapter, or PC Express to Serial adapter), or a quality USB to serial adapter (recommended adapter: with FTDI chipset)
  • Internal datalogging of 8 varable channels
  • Optionally configurable to control water/methanol injection setups
  • Adjustable air and coolant temperature correction of fuel and timing
  • Optionally can support staged injection setups (staged injection option required, as well as additional injectors and wiring required)
  • Optionally controls boost (boost control hardware required)
  • Optionally operates as a turbo timer (turbo timer hardware required)
  • Comes with base maps to start most engine setups and drive them to the dyno for proper power tuning by a professional tuner
  • Controls any level of power from a bone-stock 170rwhp up to 1000+rwhp monsters

The system sells for $1450 plus shipping. The unit includes:

  • Hydra Nemesis 2.7 computer with Gamma Specification
  • Plug and play adapter for genII and genIII 3S-GTE engines (Gen I engine adapter available at additional cost -- see option below) , or Gen IV 3SGTE engines.
  • Software and base maps via zipped emailed file, or shared dropbox link.
  • Cold start MAT sensor plate (Gen 1/2)
  • Cold start feed plug for stock (Gen1/2) fuel rail
  • GM MAT sensor (Gen1/2)
  • MAT sensor wire (Gen1/2)
  • 12' laptop cable (with easy disconnect to thread through firewall to passenger cabin)
  • Bracket that bolts Hydra Nemesis 2.7 and plug and play adapter securely to the stock MR2 ECU mounting holes (no bracket provided on Celica installations)
  • 4' of 4mm vacuum hose
  • 4mm tee
  • " grommet

For an additional $200, the unit will include:

  • NTK L1H1 or L2H2 sensor
  • Wideband sensor to Hydra Nemesis 2.6 cable
  • Toyota O2 bung to 18Mx1.5 adapter plate
  • " grommet

For an additional $300*, the unit will include:

  • Long term learning mode based on target AFR map
  • Long term learning activation key
  • *NOTE: This option is only available with the L2H2 internal wideband and is priced including this wideband.

For an additional $75, the unit will include:

  • Mac brand Boost control solenoid with brass nipples and basic mounting bracket.
  • Boost solenoid to Hydra Nemesis 2.7 cable

For an additional $150, the unit will include:

  • Turbo timer harness
  • Turbo timer power relay

For an additional $25, the unit will include:

  • Launch control cable

Also standard with the Epsilon Specification:

  • 8 Peak and Hold injector drivers
  • 8 Ignition outputs with variable dwell control
  • 10 auxiliary inputs (aside from dedicated air temp/water temp, trigger, etc.)
  • 5 additional outputs
  • Staged injection capability
  • VE mode for tuning fuel
  • Boost compensation
  • A third additional fuel and ignition map (anti-lag)
  • Variable cam timing control for intake and exhaust cams (not used on a 3SGTE)
  • Traction control
  • Coolant temp trim versus RPM
  • Idle speed error trim
  • Customizable calibration maps for inputs
  • Steering load compensation
  • External map sensor support
  • Barometric compensation
  • Fuel temperature compensation
  • Humidity correction maps
  • External wideband support
  • Vehicle speed pit limiter
  • Enabled CAN communication

Now available at all specification levels is Flex Fuel sensor support. This can allow for seamless running between E85 and Pump 91-92 octane fuel automatically adjusting boost, fuel, and timing levels for the appropriate percentage of ethanol in the fuel. Requires additional GM flex fuel sensor. This sensor can be purchased separately on our site. Older units purchased before June 2018 may need to pay for the upgrade to flex fuel sensor support.

This unit is only legal for off-road use only and requires professional tuning to safely operate. Base maps are provided only to get the engine started and (depending on the specific setup) allow the car to be operated without boosting.

KO Racing strongly recommends getting the wideband option at the very least for tuning this setup, or paying to work with an auxiliary external wideband sensor setup. It is not possible to properly tune an engine management system without good wideband o2 sensor data.

If you are in need of professional tuning for the Hydra Nemesis, and can not find a certified tuner near you (look on, Kris Osheim of KO Racing can be flown to your location for tuning purposes. Contact us here.

NOTE: For different versions of the Hydra MR2 units that have been sold over the years, there are some slight variations in the configuration of the jumpers in the Plug and Play box (the silver lower box). If you change from an early Gen 2, to a late Gen 2, or Gen 3 or any other vice versa change, the jumpers can be reconfigured to match your wiring harness pinout. Please refer to the 3rd picture above for the appropriate configuration. All new units sold since 2012 have the 2012 version PnP Board.

**NOTE: The Celica and MR2 applications will come with slightly different wiring and accessories. THe Wideband cable for the celica is longer than the MR2, and the serial cable is an off the shelf serial cable without the quick disconnect. There is no mounting bracket for the Celica application.

***NOTE: Gen 1 applications don't use the jumper "box" PnP adapter like the Gen 2 and Gen 3 3SGTE applications. They are a custom made wiring adapter from the OEM harness to the Hydra specificly for the Gen 1 wiring only.

$600.00 each
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