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2004 PDX Import Motion Show
2006 October Open House Old Shop
2007 Toyota Fest 3
2008 Oregon City Shop
2008 PDX Import Motion Show
Enforcer Tacoma Kit Installation
MR2 BC 2008 Meet
Original MR2 Sales Brochures
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«Dyno Setup 2

Setting up ramp and platform for Dyno. Goal was to have a setup for lowered vehicles that would allow all cars to drive straight up and onto the dyno and have the vehicle exhaust pointed outside the shop. This required fabrication of above ground pieces as well as reinforcing the rear dyno platform to support driving over.

Bundy Miata Tuning
Cobra On Dyno
Dyno 1
Dyno Ramp Test
Dyno Setup 0
Dyno Setup 1
Dyno Setup 2
Dyno Setup 3
Dyno Setup 4
Unloading Dyno

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