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» Downpipe Support Bracket Installation Instructions

KO Racing Downpipe Support Bracket Installation Instructions

The purpose of installing this part is to reduce the possiblity of cracking a downpipe by tying the free (b-pipe connection) end to the engine block. With both ends of the downpipe connected to the engine, there is almost no relative motion between them, and thus no stress induced into the downpipe from a wobbly b-pipe or exhuast.

These in structions are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge, if you notice any incorrectness, please let me know by emailing me at

Note: What you do to your car is your business, and you take full reponsibility for your own actions. KORacing and Kris Osheim cannot be held legally liable for any problems associated with the use of these instructions.

Tools required:

  • 1 can PB Blaster or equivalent (this can be purchased here.)
  • 1 large flat blade screwdriver
  • Ratchets:
    • 3/8" drive (long handle preferred)
  • Extensions:
    • 3/8" 6" or 12" long
  • 3/8" drive sockets:
    • 14mm std depth
    • 14mm deep
  • Combination wrenches (combination open end and box end):
    • 14mm with 12 pt box end (or 9/16" with 12 pt box end)
  • ***Very Useful Tools***

    Parts Required:

    • 1 KORacing downpipe support bracket
    • 1 container of anti-seize rated at 1800 degrees or higher.

      NOTE: In the following instructions, when a bolt is referred to as a "14mm" for example, this indicates the size of the wrench required to remove it, not the shank size as is standard.

      Ensure that the rear of the car is elevated and properly supported with jack stands or ramps to allow access to the downpipe, and that the car has properly cooled down ~45 minutes.

      Step 1:
      Remove the top 2 bolts that connect the b-pipe to the downpipe.

      Step 2:
      Remove the bolt that ties the turbo oil return line to the engine block.

      Step 3:
      Using the large flat blade screwdriver, pry the mounting tab on the oil return line away from the engine block about 1/8".

      Step 4:
      Insert the KORacing downpipe support bracket in between the oil return line mounting tab and the engine block, and on top of the 2 upper holes at the b-pipe mounting flange on the downpipe.
      Click Here to see the bracket positioned properly -- the bracket is red in the picture.

      Step 5:
      Start the bolt back through the oil return line, through the downpipe support bracket, and into the engine block. DO NOT TIGHTEN.

      Step 6:
      Put the two top bolts that connect the b-pipe to the downpipe through the downpipe support bracket, through the downpipe, and through the b-pipe. Start the nuts on the end of these.

      Step 7:
      Tighten the 2 upper b-pipe connection bolts and the oil return line bolt. Torque the oil return line bolt to 35 ft-lbs (good and tight).

      Step 8:
      Look around on ground for any fasteners that weren't there before -- put them back in.

      Now ENJOY!

      Final Notes:

      • This bracket is made to work with the KORacing downpipe which utilizes 3/8" flanges and 2.5" pipe.
      • There may be fitment issues and modifications required if this bracket is to be used with other downpipes.
      • Thank you for purchasing a KORacing downpipe support bracket and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it for you.


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