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» Pre-Dyno Tuning Quick Checklist

___ Car Starts and idles

___ 1/2 tank of fresh gas car will be tuned on and other fuel in gas jug(s) if tuning more than 1 fuel, as well as empty jug(s) to drain unused fuel into.

___ Alternator and Battery at proper charge and charging 13-14.5V running

___ Spare set of spark plugs

___ If KO is to operate the vehicle on dyno, any racing seat is removed and a stock seat is installed

___ Engine covers removed if present to allow access to #1 Coil pack or plug wire

___ Wire loom/clips accessible to make removal of #1 coil possible

___ Timing marks easily visible with timing light/line of sight

___ Cooling system properly bled; pressure tested

___ Fans Working for Radiator, car doesn’t overheat

___ All lug nuts present and torqued

___ Wheel lug lock key present

___ Wheels straight, unbent, and true round

___ Tires in good condition and no more than 8 years old - no cords, steel belts, cracking, out of round, etc.

___ Tires appropriate for use on dyno (no paddle tires for example)

___ Driveline/Drive Axles and u-joints in good shape and tightened in place

___ Tires in good shape and rated for the speed they will see on dyno, wheels not bent or out of round

___ Engine diaper, Flywheel/Flexplate scattershield (600whp+4cyl, 800whp+6/8cyl)

___ ECU accessible

___ No oil leaks, trans leaks, fuel leaks, other leaks

___ All wiring secure, no exposed wiring, no twisted wire connections

___ ECU connection cable present

___ Clutch capable of target HP/TQ

___ Fuel pump and injectors capable of target HP/TQ

___ Fuel filter installed – stainless filter element for use with E85

___ Boosted application – check all IC pipes and couplers – retighten

___ Boosted application – clamp/zip tie all vacuum lines at every connection

___ Boosted application – Wastegate spring installed for typically ˝ of target maximum boost. Boost can raise with a controller but can’t be lowered below wastegate spring.

___ Boosted application – Wastegate function tested with regulated air supply, or air pump to ensure proper operation.

___ Wideband O2 bung welded into exhaust/downpipe. Opening in pipe same size as bung. Welded minimum 10° above horizontal.

___ Hooks/Tiedown points accessible

___ Car can drive up 20’ 5° angle ramp onto dyno without scraping bodywork/exhaust/etc.

*Refer to Pre-Dyno tuning detailed checklist for more information.


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