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EMS Hydra Nemesis 2.7 -- Custom Wire In
KORacing Products » Subaru » Electronics & Tuning

Want a fully capable EMS system for a vehicle that currently doesn't have a Plug and Play option? Building a dedictaed track car? Let us create a custom wired in solution for your engine management needs using the Hydra EMS.

This is the cost of the EMS unit plus a custom adapter to your current harness or cutting the factory ecu out and wiring the hydra connections directly to your OEM harness. It does not include a base map for your particular engine, and does not include tuning. It will include an air temp sensor if one is not already installed on the vehicle.

If you need a complete engine harness as well, that would be available at additional cost. All wiring and harness work must be done on site at KO Racing -- you must bring your car to us for this type of unit and installation.

NOTE: Dual Wideband sensor setups (for V6/V8/V10/V12 engines) does require additional purchase of an external wideband gauge type controller that can output a 0-5V signal to the Hydra.

NOTE: Only Gamma and Epsilon specification units are available as of June 2017.

Tuning maps Map Settings Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon
Datalogging 8 pre-defined channels:
MAP, RPM, injection pulse width, advance, TPS, coolant temperature, knock retard, afr
8 user definable channels
Main Base fuel table
Sequential injection
Decel fuel cut
Staged injection
VE mode
Individual injector trim
(8 channels)
Volumetric efficiency
Lambda target table
Internal wideband (2 banks)
External wideband (2 banks) 0-5V input
Narrowband (2 banks)
Flex fuel Capability (with optional external ethanol content sensor)
Closed loop operation
Long term fuel trim
Base fuel
Aux fuel
Cylinder module selector
EGT bank selector
Base ignition table
Sequential ignition
Individual ignition trim
(8 channels)
Coolant temperature fuel trim
Port temperature fuel trim
Throttle pump enrichment
Base idle speed target
AC clutch anticipate
all else
Dwell base
Maximum boost
Knock threshold
Injector response
Fuel trim Anti-lag fuel trim
Anti-lag active fuel cut cycles
Auxiliary fuel trim
Launch fuel cut cycles
Flat-shift fuel cut cycles
Anti-lag inactive fuel cut cycles
Tip-in enrichment
AC clutch enrichment
Boost compensation
Knocking enrichment
ISC position fuel trim
Throttle derivative fuel trim
Engine speed delta fuel trim
Fuel pressure fuel trim
Fuel temperature fuel trim
Barometric pressure fuel trim
Humidity fuel trim
Exhaust gas temperature fuel trim
Ignition trim Anti-lag ignition trim
Anti-lag active ignition cut cycles
Auxiliary ignition trim
Launch ignition cut cycles
Flat-shift ignition cut cycles
Launch ignition trim
Backup ignition table
Ignition upper limit
Ignition lower limit
Coolant temperature ignition trim
Port air temperature ignition trim
AC engaged ignition trim set
STT ignition trim
Barometric pressure ignition trim
Fuel temperature ignition trim
Humidity ignition trim
Exhaust gas temperature ignition trim
Engine trim VCT intake target
VCT exhaust target
TPS:MAP weight (Alpha N Mode)
Programmed MAP
Auxiliary lambda target table
Coolant temperature RPM Limit trim
Injector phasing
Dwell engine speed trim
Decel fuel cut lower limit
Boost control Boost target
All except turbo timer
Turbo timer
Boost coolant temperature trim
Boost port air temperature trim
Boost throttle position trim
Boost upper learn limit
Knock response boost trim
Auxiliary boost target/maximum boost trim
Boost upper learn limit
Maximum boost level 30 psi 30 psi 45 psi 45 psi 45 psi
Idle speed control Post start idle speed target trim
Cranking ISC valve duty cycle
ISC error ignition trim
AC on idle speed trim
PS load idle speed target trim
Max ISC valve duty cycle
Min ISC Valve Duty Cycle
PWM maps 2D PWM MAPs 1-6
2D PWM MAP 8,9
Starting Post-start enrichment
Post-start enrichment decay
Cranking enrichment
Cranking enrichment decay
Start primer
Post-start throttle pump trim
Post-decel cut enrichment
Post-decel cut enrichment decay
Closed loop Long term trim (2 banks)
Narrowband closed loop P gain
Narrowband closed loop I gain
Wideband closed loop P gain
Wideband closed loop I gain
Start delay
Alternator valtage target
Gear VSS/RPM ratio
Gear fuel trim
Gear fuel trim lower load limit
Gear ignition trim
Gear boost trim
Traction maximum delta VSS
Traction ignition cut cycles
Traction fuel cut cycles
Sensor calibration Coolant temperature sensor
Air temperature sensor
Auxilliary input sensor calibration, 1-4
Internal feedback sensor calibration map, 1-2

$1200.00 each
Ait Temp Sensor:
Boost Solenoid:
Wideband and Long Term Trim:
Map Sensor:

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